Code Inspection for Security and Safety
In order to prevent website hacking and software errors, it is necessary to search and remove hidden weak points or defects in source code. Since it is not possible to create a perfect software, a static analysis tool such as Codemind® is a must-have tool for secure and safe software development.


Code Analysis Experts
The core of source code analysis is semantic analysis technology. Without semantic analysis, it is difficult to locate fatal defects such as memory leaks, null pointer errors, or buffer overflows. Codemind® has implemented a world-class semantic analysis technology on Codemind’s own analysis framework. Moreover Codemind® graph DB based analysis platform allows the use of on-the-fly mode and progressive UX such as defect tracking system.


On-the-Fly Static Analysis
Programmers often had to wait more than ten hours in order to review defect inspection results of large-sized source code with millions of lines. In order to solve such discomfort, Codemind has introduced the on-the-fly mode. In on-the-fly mode, you can start to review defect results as soon as Codemind® starts to analyze. While you review the results, the analyzer continues to detect more defects.


Codemind® CQI

A code quality analysis tool that guarantees a safe software development environment by detecting defects and runtime errors such as buffer overflow or memory leaks.

Codemind® CSI

A coding security analysis tool that inspects source code according to national and international security standards such as OWASP Top 10 and CWE/SANS Top 25 Security Vulnerabilities

Codemind® Developer

A personal code inspection tool on desk that detects security vulnerability and runtime errors in source code written in local PC and shows defect tracking graphs.


Essential solutions to create secure and safe software

Analyzing source code consumes much time. What if you can see the analysis results even before the whole analysis of large-scale code is complete?
On-the-fly mode allows you seeing interim results and experiencing through UX even in the middle of analysis.


Innovative company that provides advanced technology of program analysis and verification

  • Longstading expertise in the fields of program analysis and verification
  • Partner enterprise of Seoul National University Research on Software
    Analysis for Error-free Computing Center
  • Partner enterprise of Korea University Security Software Research Center
  • Patented: How to detect information outflow from applications and equipment
  • Patented: On-the-fly static analysis mode and device
  • Next generation static analysis tool invested by NAVER

Codemind offers software static analysis solution.
We will lead the field of software analysis and verification essential for software security and safety.

  • We Present You the Latest Code Analysis/Verification Technology
  • We Look into the Source for Software Security and Safety
  • We Lead the User Experience of Technology Becoming Magic
Secure coding analysis and code quality analysis apply to every industry and field that develops and administrates software:
embedded SW industry, IoT, games, web, and applications.


Codemind’s Next Generation Technology

Latest Static
Analysis Technology
  • Up-to-date Semantic Analysis Framework
  • Balance between precision and speed
  • Jointed analysis of value and memory
  • Analysis based on symbolic execution
  • Faster analysis using machine learning technique
  • High Speed interprocedural analysis

Query Based Static Analysis Technology
  • Graph DB based analysis framework
  • Query based Source code analysis
  • Query based metric analysis
  • Query based infrastructure analysis
  • Query based code conventions inspection

Static Analysis
  • On-the-fly analysis framework
  • On-the-fly defect tracking system
  • Code and graph co-browsing
  • Interoperation of analyzing and defect tracking
  • Fast discovery of the causes of defects

Codemind’s Static Analysis Technology
  • On-the-fly mode for developers in coding process
  • Defect tracking system
  • Software security inspection (code security)
  • Software code conventions inspection (compliance)
  • Software safety inspection (runtime error detection)
  • Software metric extraction (improvement on quality structure)
  • Code clone inspection (improvement in productivity)
  • Automation of documentation (improvement in productivity)

Central Management System
  • Web based analysis and management system
  • Dashboard for monitoring statistics of analysis
  • Survey report for administrator
  • Detailed report for developer
  • Interoperating with source code version control system
  • Permission control and history management
  • Various file formats for reports

  • Linux, Windows, OS X
  • Supporting Language: Java, JSP, HTML, PHP, C/C++, C#, Android, iOS(Objective-c) and others
  • Can be used for analysis without separate client or building environment
  • Various file formats for reports
Improves Code Quality
  • Prevents system crash by removing runtime errors
  • Easy to comply with coding conventions
  • Easy to manage code security
  • Easy to monitor defect management
  • Strengthens quality management process
Easier to Manage Quality of Product
  • Easy to locate defects and their causes
  • Displays the causes of runtime errors and how to fix them
  • Suggests safer codes
  • Online systematization of defect inspection, modification, and approval procedures
  • Provides statistics on code quality
Saves Development Cost
  • Retrenches software development period
  • Reduces management cost of code conventions
  • Reduces management cost of code security
  • Cuts down modification cost on defects
  • Decreases quality management cost
Increases External Reliability
  • Improves software safety
  • Increases software security
  • Betterment of overall software quality
  • Improves reliability on product quality management procedures
  • Reliability on Product/service improved

Patents and

How to detect information outflow
from applications and equipment


On-the-fly static analysis mode and device

CC Certified

GS Certified